Handmade Hammocks Fairtrade Hammocks and Hammock Stands

Fairtrade Hammocks
Handmade Hammocks are producing a new range of hammocks and hammock chairs from organic fair trade cotton. Available with hammock stands made from eco-friendly composite bamboo.

Each hammock is woven on a hand loom, then finished using traditional skills resulting in a low carbon footprint.
Fairtrade Hammocks
Our hammocks, whether rope, fabric or string are produced in a process which is as environmental as possible, ensuring good wages and decent working conditions, plus the payment of a fair trade premium for all those involved.

Our weavers group is certified by the International Federation for Alternative Trade. Delivery is free.
Hammock Stands and Cushions
Lie in this hammock diagonally and it shapes itself into a sling that keeps your back wonderfully flat and supported but with lots of room to spare.

This versatile set is luxury for one adult or a couple of small chilldren. The extra wide folds of fabric allow for lots of tumble whilst keeping little ones contained and the machine woven cotton is tough and washable.
Ruff & Tumble Hammocks
This summer, check out or Ruff & Tumble Hammocks. These hammocks are ideal hammocks if you have children so big they cant fall out and the sides reach round to contain them safely no matter how much they wriggle around!

These are made from rich chunky cotton that's tough but soft and comfortable to lie in. Great in the playroom or garden - or take them with you on picnics in the woods!
All-Weather Hammock & Bamboo Stand Set
Our All-Weather hammock with bamboo stand set. A hammock that is resilient to sun and rain available in 3 glorious colourways. And a garden-friendly bamboo stand that is great to look at and wonderfully cushioned to lie in.

These compact and bijoux hammock sets are ideal for one and fit into even the smallest garden. Designed to assemble and dismantle with ease, these make sun lounging an art form!