The nature of the thing: Hammock stands are a great way to suspend a hammock if you have no trees, walls, posts, gazebos or even the odd pergola. Our harmmock stands are made up of a base bar, 2 'arms' or uprights and 4 feet (short pieces of wood on which the stand balances). These connect together in a metal 'boot' which sockets into which the wood slides. Suspension height & width: Some hammock stands are adjustable in height or width and sometimes in both. Our hammock stands adjust in width by sliding the boots out towards the ends of the base bar and in height by means of sliding the metal 'cuffs' onto which the hammock hooks, up and down the uprights or arm bars. This means that you aren't restricted to any one hammock. If you already have a hammock (but never had anywhere to hang it) and have finally concluded the only way you're ever going to use it is with a hammock stand, you will need to measure your hammock carefully. Remember, a fabric hammock without spreader bars to hold it open needs about 1.5m - 1.85m (about 5 feet) of height to hang in. Measuring this type of hammock end to end will not allow for the height needed. Soft hammocks do not hang 'tight' like spreade bar hammocks, they need to hang loosely with a drop of a couple of feet. They need height so that with the 'drop' of fabric and your weight in the hammock, you're bottom doesn't scrape along the ground. Moveability:The beauty of a hammock stand is also that it can be moved around the garden into the sun or shade so you aren't limited to tying your hammock up to that lime tree where you'll covered in insect waste - although of course you can if you want to... Care & Storage: Whether your hammock stand is made out of metal, wood or bamboo, it's a good idea to treat it with some TLC now and again. Metal stands should be oiled in the joints just to reduce the occurance of rust should the rain get in. Wooden hammock stands need to be oiled with a lubricant such as teak oil. This keeps the wood moist and the result is twofold. Firstly, it avoids the appearance of surface cracks or 'checking' in the wood and secondly it brings the wood back to a beautiful lustre if it has been 'greyed' down by the weather. Bamboo hammock stands need a little more care again. This material is immensely strong, but far more porous than hardwood. Accordingly, with our bamboo hammock stand, the bars should be removed regularly from the metal sockets and rotated. In perisitently wet weather the stand should be taken in to dry. Because most hammock stands are assembled from a number of compents, they can be easily disassembled for winter and stored in the shed.