The nature of the thing: Fabric hammocks come in all shapes and sizes and fabrics. They are usually made from cotton and because of the wide variety of colours and sizes they make great hammocks for the garden.. There is also the all-weather hammock , which is made from a yarn that is resilient to sun and rain and more easily washable. Whatever the fabric, these hammocks are more akin to Mexican Style hammocks than rod hammocks or spreader bar hammocks as they are also known. Note there are more brasso ropes to these than with a rod hammocks but not as many as with the Mexican style hammcok. The fabric varies in width from single to multiple occupancy sizes and will generally be wider than any single rod but nowhere near as wide as the net described above. Many fabric hammocksare 'soft' rather then rod - and are designed to be lain in diagonally. If there are no wooden bars that's because there aren't meant to be. Given the tightness of the weave, they don't have the same stretch as the string style but they are still not designed to be lain in end to end. Lie in one of these end to end and it will enclose you like a baguette, you can't see out and your back is rounded and unsupported. When you lie diagonally your body holds the fabric open and the weight of your head at one edge of the fabric counter-balances the weight of your feet at the other. So the fabric is stretched tight and flat and your back is beautifully supported. As you are in effect held in a sling, there is no danger of topple-out and with ample fabric to support you on either side you can roll from side to side in your sleep quite safely. This has to be the most relaxing piece of garden furniture available, ideal for relaxation and stress reduction! The fabric soft hammock style is a good choice for children as they have the width to contain a few small bodies when they are rough and tumbling but the material is not prone to snagging as with an open weave. Suspension height: Your suspension points need to be at a height of about 1.5m - 1.85m but this always depends the size you are using and personal preference as to how close to the ground you like to be. Again, these should not be hung tight, they need a generous drop to allow the fabric to be stretched open. A drop of about 1m, depending upon size, from the highest point of suspension to the lowest point is good. Suspension width: Suspension width depends upon the size. Some soft single sizes can be suspended in as little as 2.9m of width. A double will require approximately 3.5m of width to comfortably hang in with allowance for increase of size after initially stretching. Washing: always before washing knot the brasso through itself or tie elastic bands down the length of the brasso to prevent it from tangling through itself. Handwash in cool water or place in a wash bag or pillow slip and machine wash on a gentle, cool temperature cycle. Dry by hanging it up and stretching it open with a cane. The fabric will have shrunk during washing but with use will stretch back to its usual size again. Every hammock is for use both indoors and outdoors but if you have a cotton hammock, it will last much, much longer if you don't leave it out of doors when not in use.